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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
ABN00003Image ABN00003Smoke trail from aircraft on fire (Japanese ?) about to hit water. Shot includes one British carrier and destroyer.S. Pacific WWII
Smoke trail from aircraft on fire (Japanese ?) about to hit water. Shot includes one British carrier and destroyer.
AG00973Request PreviewSRN5-001Westland SRN 5Westland Aviation
AG01006Request PreviewGH-2004SRN4 MkIIHoverlloyd [Swift]
Skirt inflated climbing slipway
AG01007Request PreviewGH-2008SRN4 MkIIHoverlloyd [Sir Christopher]
Skirt deflated and car ramp open
AG01130Request PreviewSRN6 026Westland SRN 6Hovert
AG01131Request PreviewSRN6 018Westland SRN 6Hovert
AG02718Request PreviewSURESRN.4 MkIIHoverlloydRamsgate (?) 1969
AG02719Request PreviewSURESRN.4 MkIIHoverlloydRamsgate (?) 1969
distant shot, for closer shot use AG2718
AG06535Request PreviewSRN6-130SRN 6HovertravelClarence Pier, Southsea
running up beach
AG06536Request PreviewSRN6-130SRN 6HovertravelClarence Pier, Southsea
on ramp, running
AG06537Request PreviewSRN6-130SRN 6HovertravelClarence Pier, Southsea
Shot of h/c loading px from Southsea terminal building (Well, wooden hut actually!)
AG06538Request PreviewSRN6-070SRN 6HoverworkClarence Pier, Southsea
about to beach
AG06539-d1Request PreviewSRN6-016SRN-6British Hovercraft CorporationCowes
On BHC's ramp
AG06539-d2Request PreviewSRN5-001SRN-5British Hovercraft CorporationCowes
On ramp outside BHC works
AG06540Request PreviewSRN6-022SRN-6HoverlloydRamsgate
AG06541Request PreviewSRN6-022SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Swift]Ramsgate
'Artistic' shot through fence, port side slightly obscured
AG06542Request PreviewSRN6-SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Sure]Ramsgate
laid up on beach. Does not appear to have registration
AG06543Request PreviewSR-N6-025SRN-6HoverlloydRamsgate
leaving Ramsgate harbour entrance
AG06544Request PreviewSR-N6-025SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Sure]Ramsgate
leaving Ramsgate harbour - small image
AG06545Image AG06545SR-N6-025SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Sure]Ramsgate
Entering Ramsgate harbour with spectators watching
AG06546Image AG06546SR-N6-025SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Sure]Ramsgate
in heavy seas
AG06547Image AG06547SRN6-022SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Swift]Ramsgate
on ramp
AG06548Image AG06548SRN6-022SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Swift]Ramsgate
detail shot of air intake (?) and skirt
AG06549Image AG06549HoverlloydGoodwin Sands
Calais - Ramsgate signpost raised by Hoverlloyd executives
AG06550Image AG06550SR-N6-025 SureSRN-6Hoverlloyd [Sure]Goodwin Sands
Shot of front of h/c with px on G.Sands with Calais - Ramsgate signpost
AG06551Request PreviewHoverlloydGoodwin Sands
Calais - Ramsgate signpost being raised by Hoverlloyd executives
AG06552Request PreviewXV614SRN-62Lee-on-Solent
crossing road
AG06553Request PreviewLee-on-SolentLee-on-Solent
view of base with Royal Navy SRN-6 running
AG06554Request PreviewSRN-6Lee-on-Solent
AG06556Request PreviewSRN5-006SRN-5British Hovercraft CorporationLee-on-Solent
beaching on slipway
AG06558Request PreviewXV614SRN-62Lee-on-Solent
on HMS Daedalus (L-o-S) slipway
AG06559Request PreviewXS655SRN-3IHTULee-on-Solent
AG06560Request PreviewSRN6-026SRN-6HoverworkStokes Bay
AG06561Request PreviewStokes BayStokes Bay
General view of facility with SRN 3 and others
AG06562Request PreviewSRN6-130SRN-6HovertravelRyde Terminal
Coming up slipway
AG06563Request PreviewSRN6-130SRN-6HovertravelRyde Terminal
On slipway, skirt inflated
AG06564Request PreviewSRN6 022SRN-6HovertravelRyde Terminal
px disembarking
AG06570Request PreviewSRN6-024SRN6Townsend [Britannia]Hastings
departing down beach
AG06571Request PreviewSRN6-024SRN6Townsend [Britannia]Hastings
Bat-man signalling 'GO' to h/c which is starting to turn towards the sea.
AG06575Request PreviewvarSRN6Townsend Car FerriesHastings
SR-N6-024 'Britannia' and SR-N6-016
AG06576Request PreviewH'craft terminalHastings
View of the booking office (actually a small caravan and a wire fence!) and advertising for 'Day trips to France' , 'High speed flights by hovercraft Fare 12/6' and 'White Funnel Fleet'
AG06577Request PreviewH'craft terminalHastings
View of the terminal area (an open air facility!) advertising for 'High speed flights by hovercraft Fare 12/6' and passengers booking / waiting (Daily Mirror stand beyond)
AG06578Request PreviewH'craft terminalHastings
View of terminal from beach showing nose of 'Britannia', Beachmaster, booking office and waiting area. Also 'Daily Mirror Beach Show Tour' lorry and Hastings sea front shops, hotels etc.
AG06579Request PreviewSR N6-024BHC SRN-6Townsend Car FerriesHastings
leaving beach for sea
AG06580Request PreviewSR N6-024BHC SRN-6Townsend Car FerriesHastings
leaving beach for sea - lots of spray etc
AG06581Request PreviewSR N6-024BHC SRN-6Townsend Car FerriesHastings
leaving beach for sea - lots of spray etc
AG06582Request PreviewSR N6-024BHC SRN-6Townsend Car FerriesHastings
leaving sea for beach - lots of spray etc
AG06583Request PreviewSR N6-024BHC SRN-6Townsend Car FerriesHastings
on beach, skirt inflated
AG06584Image AG06584SR N6-016BHC SRN-6British Hovercraft CorporationHastings
AG06585Image AG06585SRN4-001BHC SRN-4British Hovercraft CorporationCowes
small marks on neg